Getting Started

Start with LEVEL 1 following a night of getting 7-9 hours of sleep as it is one of the daily requirements. Complete the levels (all 9 weeks) consecutively without a break in between levels.

Supporting Materials

Along with or instead of using the digital tracking options found on this page, you can also use the printable tracking sheets. The individual tracking sheets, the full program workbook and the program companion book can all be viewed/saved/printed from the bottom of this page if desired.

Accessing the Online Tracker

To access the tracker you can revisit this page at anytime, or you can simply go to from any device with a browser to access.

Good for you on taking the step to do this program! Look forward to this positive refinement to your life.

With dedication, discipline and a positive mindset, this program can bring beneficial transformation and empower you to shape a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

9Refine Level 1

If you are here, take a minute to reflect on the fact that you completed LEVEL 1. You stayed dedicated and disciplined! You proved that you can do this!

Keep crushing it! After this level, you only have one level left to complete the program.

9Refine Program Level 2
9Refine- LEVEL 3

If you are here, take a minute to reflect on the fact you completed not just one, but two levels. You have been admirably disciplined and dedicated! You proved, once again, that you can do this!

This is it! This is the last level, keep grinding!

9Refine Program Level 3

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