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Rise Up!

Rise Up Mentor.

Hello, my name is Derek. My mission is to help and encourage you on your journey to reaching the highest points in life by conquering challenges, improving yourself and achieving your goals.

Purpose and Mission.

Here, it’s all about personal growth and positive change. I share my experiences and knowledge, concepts and methods, and also tap into the wisdom of other incredible mentors, motivators and visionaries. My aim is to give you tools and inspiration to find your spark, succeed, and live purposefully while impacting others positively. Developing qualities like goal-setting, knowledge, positivity, and discipline leads to a more fulfilling life. Every day is a chance for progress. Every day is another opportunity to Rise Up!

9Refine Program

The 9Refine program is a transformative way for people just like you to positively refine your life. Not only does this program take you through a process of refinement but enables you to develop discipline in a way that will help you succeed on your personal growth and development journey.

The program is 100% free!

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